Karl Pilkington Sick Of It

Sick of It by Karl Pilkington

The slack-jawed, balding, cretinous Manc is back, predictably whinging throughout the entire self-indulgent and overly-complex vehicle for desperately wringing the last vestiges of humour from a laboured, ‘planned spontaneity’ gag.

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Boohoo shows the power of Social Media Marketing

Latest profit news from Boohoo this morning shows the power of social media marketing: according to the joint Chief Execs, the 'dramatic increase of social media content' paved the way for exponential growth in numbers of followers (Instagram: 6.3m; Facebook: 1.4m; Twitter 200k) and a 50% increase in revenue for the online fashion retailer.

Effective yet inexpensive, social media marketing is perfect for #SMEs and brings a level playing field in providing access to new markets without breaking the bank.

From increasing your customer base to marketing your brand, get in touch with us to see how we can help you realise your potential. #business #boohoo #marketing #profit